Project NameProject TypeProject StartProject EndInfo
Acadian Thruway - Claycut Road: COMPLETEDRehab8/2/20103/11/2013
Acadian Thruway - Perkins Road: COMPLETEDRehab5/31/20102/26/2013
Airline Highway - Goodwood Blvd (Phase 1): COMPLETEDRehab2/8/20117/18/2014
Airline Highway - Goodwood Blvd (Phase 2)Rehab2/8/20113/30/2015
Airline Highway Pipeline ProjectCapacity1/30/20093/31/2017
Antioch Road - Chadsford DriveRehab7/14/20115/21/2014
Ardenwood Drive - Winbourne AvenueRehab10/11/20136/30/2016
Bayou Duplantier Area Sewer Upgrades: COMPLETEDCapacity8/31/200910/4/2013
Bluebonnet Blvd - Jefferson Hwy (Phase 1): COMPLETEDRehab2/8/201012/31/2012
Bluebonnet Blvd - Jefferson Hwy (Phase 2): COMPLETEDRehab3/23/20102/27/2013
Booster Pump Station 514 Replacement: COMPLETEDCapacity4/24/20096/18/2013
Brookstown Road - Evangeline Street (Phase 1): COMPLETEDRehab7/10/200912/31/2012
Brookstown Road - Evangeline Street (Phase 2): COMPLETEDRehab10/8/200911/6/2012
Burbank Road - Gardere Lane: COMPLETEDRehab5/16/200712/31/2010
Capitol Lake Drive - Gayosa Street / 25th Street - North Acadian Thrwy: COMPLETEDCapacity1/14/20085/30/2012
Central Consolidated Pump Stations: COMPLETEDCapacity11/7/200810/3/2014
Central Consolidation Force Main Sewer Area Upgrades (Phase I): COMPLETEDCapacity11/7/20087/19/2013
Central Consolidation Force Main Sewer Area Upgrades (Phase II): COMPLETEDCapacity11/7/20088/18/2014
Choctaw Storage and Pump Station Facilities: COMPLETEDTreatment/ Facilities4/14/20089/7/2013
Citiplace/Essen Area Pump Station 119 & Force Main Improvements: COMPLETEDCapacity2/25/20087/23/2012
Comite Dr - Foster Rd Sewer Area Upgrades (Phase 1): COMPLETEDCapacity3/3/20086/30/2010
Comite Dr - Foster Rd Sewer Area Upgrades (Phase 2): COMPLETEDCapacity7/7/20083/17/2011
Downtown Area Pump Station Improvements: COMPLETEDCapacity3/24/20087/12/2012
East Blvd - Government St Area Rehabilitation ProjectRehab12/3/20126/10/2015
Elm Grove Garden Road - Harding Blvd - COMPLETEDRehab10/1/20089/26/2011
Flannery Road - Florida Blvd (Phase A)Rehab2/20/20149/20/2016
Flannery Road - Florida Blvd (Phase B)Rehab7/7/20141/31/2017
Florida Blvd Pump Stations ImprovementsCapacity1/28/20119/28/2018
Foster Dr - Government St Area Rehabilitation Project Phase A: COMPLETEDRehab5/25/200912/31/2011
Foster Dr - Government St Area Rehabilitation Project Phase B: COMPLETEDRehab5/25/20099/7/2012
Foster Rd - Hooper Rd Sewer Area Upgrades: COMPLETEDCapacity2/14/200811/30/2010
Government St - S Acadian Thwy Sewer Area UpgradesCapacity8/28/20096/30/2015
Gurney Road - Joor Road Sewer Area Upgrades: COMPLETEDCapacity1/18/200810/2/2009
Highland Rd - Buchanan St Sewer Area Upgrades: COMPLETEDCapacity3/14/200812/8/2011
Highland Rd - Burbank Dr Sewer Area UpgradesCapacity3/31/20082/18/2013
Highland Rd - Washington St Area Rehabilitation Project: COMPLETEDRehab10/13/20109/30/2013
Highland Rd Sewer Area Upgrades (Group B)Capacity1/5/201110/19/2015
Highland Road Sewer Area Upgrades (Group A)Capacity1/5/201111/6/2015
Hooper Rd Pump Stations ImprovementsCapacity5/3/20109/28/2018
Hooper Storage FacilityTreatment/ Facilities1/19/200911/14/2014
I-110 - Hollywood St Area Rehabilitation ProjectRehab6/18/201210/22/2015
Jefferson Hwy - Hoo Shoo Too Rd Area Rehabilitation Project: COMPLETEDRehab5/16/20079/22/2009
Jones Creek Rd - Tiger Bend Rd Area Rehabilitation ProjectRehab9/14/20114/24/2015
Joor Rd - Greenwell Springs Rd Sewer Area UpgradesCapacity4/18/20112/17/2017
Kenilworth Blvd - Boone Dr Area Rehabilitation Project: COMPLETEDRehab3/26/20097/11/2012
Lovett Rd - Greenwell Springs Rd Sewer Area Upgrades (Group A)Capacity5/3/201012/2/2015
Lovett Rd - Greenwell Springs Rd Sewer Area Upgrades (Group B)Capacity5/3/20102/26/2016
Metro Airport (Group 1A) Gravity Sewer Area Upgrades: COMPLETEDCapacity3/10/20084/16/2013
Metro Airport (Group 1B) Pump Station and Force Main ImprovementsCapacity3/10/20086/3/2014
Multiple Pump Stations - Burbank Dr - Siegen LnCapacity4/18/201111/17/2015
Multiple Pump Stations - Highland Rd - Kenilworth PkwyCapacity2/8/20105/19/2016
Multiple Pump Stations - Hwy 61 - Plank RdCapacity9/26/20115/30/2017
Multiple Pump Stations - Jefferson Hwy - Park Forest Dr: COMPLETEDCapacity6/8/20098/10/2012
Multiple Pump Stations - Nicholson Dr - Brightside LnCapacity9/14/20097/9/2014
Multiple Pump Stations - Prescott Rd - Greenwell Springs RdCapacity9/9/20115/30/2017
N 38th St - Gus Young Ave Area Rehabilitation ProjectRehab8/19/20143/7/2017
Nicholson Dr - Highland Rd - Perkins Rd Sewer Area Upgrades (Phase A): COMPLETEDCapacity6/29/20091/31/2012
Nicholson Dr - Highland Rd - Perkins Rd Sewer Area Upgrades (Phase B)Capacity6/29/20091/31/2014
North Wastewater Treatment Plant Odor Equipment Installation: COMPLETEDTreatment/ Facilities6/29/200711/19/2010
O'Neal Ln Pump Stations Improvements (Group A)Capacity5/25/201012/16/2015
O'Neal Ln Pump Stations Improvements (Group B)Capacity5/25/20105/18/2016
O'Neal Ln Sewer Area Upgrades (Group A)Capacity9/29/200912/19/2014
O'Neal Ln Sewer Area Upgrades (Group B)Capacity9/29/20094/9/2015
Oak Villa Blvd - Choctaw St Area Rehabilitation Project: COMPLETEDRehab4/14/20089/30/2011
Oak Villa Blvd - Monterrey Blvd Sewer Area UpgradesCapacity4/18/20111/9/2017
Old Perkins - Highland Rd (Group Project 2) Sewer Area Upgrades: COMPLETEDCapacity3/10/20086/1/2012
Plank Rd - Kleinpeter Rd Sewer Area UpgradesCapacity3/23/20095/16/2014
Plank Rd - Port Hudson Pride Rd Sewer Area UpgradesCapacity8/5/20112/15/2017
Plank Rd Pump Stations ImprovementsCapacity4/13/201110/7/2015
Pump Station 42 Force Main (Phase 1): COMPLETEDCapacity11/7/20087/28/2014
Pump Station 42 Force Main (Phase 2): COMPLETEDCapacity11/7/20082/11/2014
Pump Station 42 ImprovementsCapacity10/21/200810/1/2014
Pump Station 58 ReplacementCapacity1/5/20096/11/2014
RMAP1 - Industriplex Area Upgrades - COMPLETEDRMAP111/7/20061/31/2011
RMAP1 - Kleinpeter Area Upgrades - COMPLETEDRMAP111/7/20065/8/2009
RMAP1 - PS136 Area Upgrades - COMPLETEDRMAP111/7/20069/15/2010
Scenic Hwy - Spanish Town Rd Area Rehabilitation Project (Phase 1)Rehab4/2/20129/23/2014
Scenic Hwy - Spanish Town Rd Area Rehabilitation Project (Phase 2)Rehab12/2/20135/29/2015
Scotland Ave - Progress Rd Area Rehabilitation Project: COMPLETEDRehab9/9/20086/13/2011
Sharp Rd - Florida Blvd Area Rehabilitation Project: COMPLETEDRehab1/15/20099/30/2012
Sherwood Forest Blvd - Goodwood Blvd Sewer Area UpgradesCapacity1/3/20119/15/2016
Siegen Ln - I-10 Area Rehabilitation ProjectRehab12/2/20132/23/2016
Silverleaf Rd - Ford St Area Rehabilitation Project: COMPLETEDRehab10/26/200912/19/2012
South Blvd - St Joseph St - Phase B Sewer Area UpgradesCapacity9/6/201310/15/2014
South Blvd - St Joseph St /25th St - N Acadian Thwy Sewer Area Upgrades: COMPLETEDCapacity3/27/20087/24/2012
Stanford Rd - Morning Glory Rd Area Rehabilitation Project: COMPLETEDRehab6/25/201012/31/2012
Staring Ln - Boone Dr Area Rehabilitation Project: COMPLETEDRehab11/27/20075/3/2010
Staring Ln Extension - Phase 1 (Burbank Drive - LA 42 to Highland Road): COMPLETEDCapacity1/11/20086/30/2010
Staring Ln Roadway Improvements - Phase 2 (Highland Road to Perkins Road): COMPLETEDCapacity4/4/200811/30/2013
Staring Ln Sewer Improvements - Phase 3 (Perkins Road to Pump Station 58): COMPLETEDCapacity4/30/20097/30/2014
Sullivan Rd - Lovett Rd - Wax Rd Sewer Area Upgrades: COMPLETEDCapacity1/17/20083/17/2011
SWWTP Immediate Action Plan (IAP) Combined Projects: COMPLETEDTreatment/ Facilities11/6/20065/27/2011
SWWTP Wet Weather Improve (Phase 1): COMPLETEDTreatment/ Facilities1/23/20084/1/2013
SWWTP Wet Weather Improve (Phase 2)Treatment/ Facilities10/1/20085/31/2015
Zachary Area Transmission Network Improvements - Phase 1: COMPLETEDCapacity3/24/20083/1/2013
Zachary Area Transmission Network Improvements - Phase 2Capacity3/24/20086/26/2014
Zachary Area Transmission Network Improvements - Phase 3: COMPLETEDCapacity3/24/200810/22/2014
Zachary Area Transmission Network Improvements - Phase 4: COMPLETEDCapacity3/24/200812/14/2011
Zachary Area Transmission Network Improvements- Phase 5Capacity1/1/20137/3/2015