Program Facts

    For facts relating to the program, please click the link below:
  • Program Fact Sheet (PDF, 149KB)

SSO Program Overview


The purpose of the Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) Control and Wastewater Facilities Program is to address the existing Consent Decree while planning for Baton Rouge's future sewer infrastructure needs.

Program Vision

The City-Parish (C-P) wants an affordable, constructible and sustainable SSO Program that addresses present challenges while planning for future growth, meets Consent Decree deadlines and is implemented in a true partnership with the City-Parish with full accountability to the public.

Critical Success Factors

  • Develop rehabilitation based SSO Program Strategy
  • Implementation within Consent Decree deadline
  • Meet and exceed stakeholder expectations
  • Minimum disruption to the public
  • Program is cost-effective and affordable
  • Develop a true partnership between Program Manager and C-P
  • Develop a strong public awareness component
  • Immediate Action Projects are executed early